Tilia grandiflora, only for sale as part of a collage 'Tree Planting Day'  Unique copy


'Light-hearted I'm floating among the clouds.

My soul dissolves, the child in me awakens'.

Welcome, my name is En Eg and I'm an autonomous artist. I try to capture this dissolving feeling in photographic images, mixed media & assemblages.

The goal that man is happy is not included in the plan of creation. But a happy life actually exists.

With the help of my daimons like Ischa, Hans & Ellen and a lot of other people I know the answer lies within me. Anyway I realize that my beloved ones are part of it. Happiness is so much more than me.

Part of expo Art Laren 2022, Publication Book 'Werkgroep autonome fotografie 2021/2022'  Publisher: Statief
Part of expo Art Laren 2022

This year I participate in the Nature Art Fair,

a fair that is all about art inspired by nature.

This is a great opportunity to present my work

to a wide audience.



Part of expo Art Laren 2022