Tilia grandiflora, only for sale as part of a collage 'Tree Planting Day'  Unique copy


En & Hans

En Eg has been studying since 2013 at Fotogram, Gooise Academie, LearningTrain, MoMa, OU, 't Pad, Photo school Statief and Rijksmuseum.

En Eg is currently training to become a creative therapist because she has benefited so much from making art in her personal life. She would like to share the insight this provides, but especially the pleasure that arises from creating

as for several years she experienced this feeling as a volunteer at an institution for disabled care.

She is married to Hans, a geochemist by profession who works as treasurer of the artists' association Laren Blaricum in his spare time.

Together they have a small semi-scientific publishing house. Hans now mainly writes about his interests for pleasure with the exception of the second edition of his handbook on isotopes for Springer publishers, he remains a scientist after all. En Eg oversees all back office activities.

She is a frozen traveller and currently works from home to finance her studies. The view of the street, passers-by, children playing and cats in her front garden make her realize that a home studio is quite ideal right now but nevertheless a new large studio is on her wish list.

Member of artists' association



Artes Bussum.


Haasje over, Part of Expo City of Cahen '18


November 2024 sales exhibition

Johanneskerk Laren

.... Surprise!

2024 - Art Laren

 Kiwanis Laren

2024 - Open Atelier Route Gooise Meren

OAR Bussum

2024 - sales exhibition for 5 months

Art Gallery Artes Bussum

2024 - Kindervakantiewerk for 1 day: making posters 

Filmhuis Bussum & Artes

2023 - Nature Art Fair

Flower Art Museum

2023 - Exhibition

Art Brut Biënnale Hengelo

2023 - Exhibition with Yvonne C. de Vries en Gabrielle Nunez Larraz

Galerie de Beuken  Laren NH

2023 - Exhibition: Mooi is Anders

Rosa Spier Huis Laren

2023 - Workshop Wabi Sabi Photography with Karin Vlugter

for students of Statief 'Werkgroep autonome fotografie'

2023 -After Dinner Talk February

Fotografencafe Woerden

The creation of my work after my studies, themes & symbols

2022 - Workshop Wabi Sabi Photography

for students of Statief & members of Hikingclub Bussum

2022 - Anniversary Exhibition Artists Association

Singer Museum Laren

2022 - Book Verenigde Solisten written by Peter C.L. van der Ploeg

Publisher: Vereniging van Beeldende Kunstenaars Laren-Blaricum

*** Mention as a member of the association and an image of

my photo work 'Pyrus Communis Giesse' in this anniversary book, page 172

2022 - Art Laren

Kiwanis Laren

2022 - Exhibition

Stichting de Kamergalerie, Préporché, France

2022 - Publication Book 'Werkgroep autonome fotografie 2021/2022'

Publisher: Statief

under the supervision of Martin Thiel & Pieter van Leeuwen

2022 -Exhibition

Art Brut Biënnale Hengelo

1TWENTE HENGELO: TV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sL29ldeMSik

SPUNCKTV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfqq0nmSy58

2022 - Interview in book 'Ateliers en Bovenkamers'

Beeldend Gesproken

Highlights the personal stories of 25 artists, they tell about

their lives and how important making art is.

2021 - Exhibition

Stichting de Kamergalerie, Préporché, France

2021 - Art Laren

Kiwanis Laren

2021 - Group exhibition 'Herontdekking'

Groenveld Castle Baarn 

2021 - Publication Book 'Werkgroep autonome fotografie 2020/2021'

Publisher: Statief

under the supervisioen of Martin van Thiel & Pieter van Leeuwen

2021 - Publication 'Gedachten, Gedichten en Gelukwensen'

Kunstenaarsvereniging 'Laren/Blaricum'

2021 - Exhibition

Stichting de Kamergalerie, Préporché, France

2021 - Group exhibition

Galerie Lichtzone in cooperation with Statief



2020 - BEL-Art

City Hall Eemnes

2020 - Expo, Statief

Fotoschool Statief Utrecht

2020 - Expo

Art Laren

2020/2021 - Autonomous Working Group

inspired by Martin van Thiel en Pieter van Leeuwen

2020 - Exhibition 'Tussen de regels' Postponed: Corona

Groenveld Castle Baarn

2020 - Exhibition June 16 until September 16

Stichting de Kamergalerie, Préporché, France

2020 - Exhibition of 7 artists Beeldend Gesproken

Provinciehuis Haarlem

2020 - Publication Book 'Waar ben ik'

Publisher: Statief

2019 - Expo Winterflowers & Hikingpics

NULLLLL fair for 3 days

2019/2020 - Autonomous Working Group

inspired by Martin van Thiel en Pieter van Leeuwen

2019 - Expo 'Overprotective' & 'Exit' for 1 day

Summer Art, de Hallen Amsterdam

2019 - Exhibition 'Hier ist es I + II'

Anita Neve Galerie

2019 - Selection artwork 'Overprotective' & 'Exit'

Amsterdam Zomerexpo 2019

2019 - Group Exhibition 'Colours of Winter' & 'Shapes of Nature'

 Flower Art Museum

2019 - Development Course Creative Smartphone photography

2019 - Group Exhibition 'Different Perspectives'

Beeldend Gesproken

2018 - Presentation 'Lost' at Sales Exhibition,

Beeldend Gesproken

2018 - Presentation 'Hier ist es

NULLLLL fair for 3 days

2018 - Writing Project for 1 year

Zusterhood Snailmail Art Collective for Women in Art

2018 - Grant to explore mobile photography

2018 - Group Exhibition Mobile Photography

City of Cahen, by Mobile Creators

2017 - Publication 'Lost'

Phonographer magazine #4

2017 - Shortlisted 'The Secret Of The Disappearing Axolotl'

RA Summer Exhibition England

2016 - Meet the Artist

Fort Werk IV, by KunstMarktplaats

2016 - 2021 volunteer for disability care, art therapy & swimming


2015 - Open Atelierdag Bussum

2014 - Guest Exhibition 'Julia' for 1 day

Theatre Orpheus 

2014 - Coffee-table book 'Blik van En Eg'

Publisher: Onderzoek & Beleving

2014 - Solo Exhibition 'Kijkdoossies'


2014 - Guest Exhibition 'Janny's bloem'

Cobra Museum 

2013/2015 - Photo sessions dinner parties Utrecht residents

Stichting Eet mee!

Through shared meals, people have the opportunity

to connect and get to know one another.

For over more than ten years, it has been an amazing

way to meet new people.

2010 - Winner 'Project Sustainable Transport'

NRC summer report of my life with an electric scooter

under supervision of Joris Luyendijk

2007 - 2012 - Weblog 'Family life'

A blog about how illness affected family relationships

 Publisher: Onderzoek & Beleving