Tilia grandiflora, only for sale as part of a collage 'Tree Planting Day'  Unique copy


Haasje over, Part of Expo City of Cahen '18
En & Hans

En Eg has taken lessons at Fotogram,

Gooise Academie, LearningTrain, MoMa,

Photo school Statief and Rijksmuseum.

She is married to Hans, a geochemist by profession who works as treasurer of the artists' association Laren Blaricum in his spare time.

Together they have a small semi-scientific

publishing house.

Member of artists' association




2023 - Workshop Wabi Sabi Photography with Karin Vlugter

for students of Statief 'Werkgroep autonome fotografie'

2023 -After Dinner Talk February

Fotografencafe Woerden

The creation of my work after my studies, themes & symbols

2022 - Workshop Wabi Sabi Photography

for students of Statief & members of Hikingclub Bussum

2022 - Anniversary Exhibition Artists Association

Singer Museum Laren

2022 - Verenigde Solisten written by Peter C.L. van der Ploeg

Publisher: Vereniging van Beeldende Kunstenaars Laren-Blaricum

Mention as a member of the association and an image of

my photo work 'Pyrus Communis Giesse' in this anniversary book, page 172

2022 - Art Laren

Kiwanis Laren

2022 - Exhibition

Stichting de Kamergalerie, Préporché, France

2022 - Publication Book 'Werkgroep autonome fotografie 2021/2022'

Publisher: Statief

under the supervision of Martin Thiel & Pieter van Leeuwen

2022 - Art Brut Biënnale


1TWENTE HENGELO: TV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sL29ldeMSik

SPUNCKTV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfqq0nmSy58

2022 - Interview in book 'Ateliers en Bovenkamers'

Beeldend Gesproken

Highlights the personal stories of 25 artists, they tell about

their lives and how important making art is.

2021 - Exhibition

Stichting de Kamergalerie, Préporché, France

2021 - Art Laren

Kiwanis Laren

2021 - Group exhibition 'Herontdekking'

Groenveld Castle Baarn 

2021 - Publication Book 'Werkgroep autonome fotografie 2020/2021'

Publisher: Statief

under the supervisioen of Martin van Thiel & Pieter van Leeuwen

2021 - Publication 'Gedachten, Gedichten en Gelukwensen'

Kunstenaarsvereniging 'Laren/Blaricum'

2021 - Exhibition

Stichting de Kamergalerie, Préporché, France

2021 - Group exhibition

Galerie Lichtzone in cooperation with Statief



2020 - BEL-Art Postponed: Corona

City Hall Eemnes

2020 - Expo, Statief

Fotoschool Statief Utrecht

2020 - Expo Postponed: Corona

Art Laren

2020/2021 - Autonomous Working Group

inspired by Martin van Thiel en Pieter van Leeuwen

2020 - Exhibition 'Tussen de regels' Postponed: Corona

Groenveld Castle Baarn

2020 - Exhibition June 16 until September 16

Stichting de Kamergalerie, Préporché, France

2020 - Exhibition of 7 artists Beeldend Gesproken

Provinciehuis Haarlem

2020 - Publication Book 'Waar ben ik'

Publisher: Statief

2019 - Expo Winterflowers & Hikingpics

NULLLLL fair for 3 days

2019/2020 - Autonomous Working Group

inspired by Martin van Thiel en Pieter van Leeuwen

2019 - Expo 'Overprotective' & 'Exit' for 1 day

Summer Art, de Hallen Amsterdam

2019 - Exhibition 'Hier ist es I + II'

Anita Neve Galerie

2019 - Selection artwork 'Overprotective' & 'Exit'

Amsterdam Zomerexpo 2019

2019 - Group Exhibition 'Colours of Winter' & 'Shapes of Nature'

 Flower Art Museum

2019 - Development Course Creative Smartphone photography

2019 - Group Exhibition 'Different Perspectives'

Beeldend Gesproken

2018 - Presentation 'Lost' at Sales Exhibition,

Beeldend Gesproken

2018 - Presentation 'Hier ist es' 

NULLLLL fair for 3 days

2018 - Writing Project for 1 year

Zusterhood Snailmail Art Collective for Women in Art

2018 - Grant to explore mobile photography

2018 - Group Exhibition Mobile Photography

City of Cahen, by Mobile Creators

2017 - Publication 'Lost'

Phonographer magazine #4

2017 - Shortlisted 'The Secret Of The Disappearing Axolotl'

RA Summer Exhibition England

2016 - Meet the Artist

Fort Werk IV, by KunstMarktplaats

2015 - Open Atelierdag

2014 - Guest Exhibition 'Julia' for 1 day

Theatre Orpheus 

2014 - Coffee-table book 'Blik van En Eg'

Publisher: Onderzoek & Beleving

2014 - Solo Exhibition 'Kijkdoossies'


2014 - Guest Exhibition 'Janny's bloem'

Cobra Museum 

2013/2014 - Photo sessions dinner parties Utrecht residents

Stichting Eet mee!

2010 - Winner 'Project Sustainable Transport'

NRC summer report of my life with an electric scooter

under supervision of Joris Luyendijk

2007 - 2012 - Weblog 'Family life'

 Publisher: Onderzoek & Beleving