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'Beyond the shadow'

Julia, 2016

What matters in life often only becomes clear when there are contrasts.

Is it the shadow or the light that reveals what is happening? I think one exists by the grace of the other.

If you want to move forward in life you have to cross a treshold and you will pass it naturally.

I walk to the origin of my life. Every good walk brings with it the chance to get away from where it all began.

No more detours, on to the heart of the matter. A good walk has that in store for me.

My goodness, I did everything I could to not have to do what I had to do. I regained confidence by realizing that the love

of my daughter, husband and friends surpasses my fear. I realized that I already am that person and so slowly go to that place ....

I look back on the path I have traveled so far with different eyes. A new story begins, my goal is more defined. The meaning of life is infinite by pulling the heartstrings again. My story, your story, our story, a unity. I sympathize and live my new story. I have no idea how much time I have left, but if I use it right I always have enough. Shall we walk home together?

'The Secret Of The Disappearing Axolotl'
'The Secret Of The Disappearing Axolotl'
Shortlisted RA Summer Exhibition England 2017
The Secret Of The Disappearing Axolotl
The Secret Of The Disappearing Axolotl
Shortlisted RA Summer Exhibition England

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