Tilia grandiflora, only for sale as part of a collage 'Tree Planting Day'  Unique copy


'The Moment Of The Empty Hands'

Expo Art Laren '21

Art Brut Biënnale, Hengelo, '22

A dirty net was on the street. Worthless .... What would it be used for? But now look .... it is just what you see in it.

I habitually photograph still lifes of objects that I find on the street, am given or come across in a curio shop. The choice of this topic gives me the confidence to lower the drawbridge to my moated castle.

My work expresses my feelings and enables me to process them because, although I am rarely lost for words, photography is a safe way to put them into words.

The pictures may be drained of color, but there is hope. A glimmer of light transforms what used to be darkness into new light.

The project is called “The Moment of The Empty Hands.” The objects have all had a life; they are dented, rusty, broken and sometimes no longer recognizable because they are from a recent past or are still "stuck" in the shadows.

As human beings, property gives us status and identity. But everything you, the viewer, see before you is superfluous, no longer matters for the life of its owner. They have taken a different path on which these objects are no longer of use.

For me, they symbolize a past life that, once you have said your goodbyes, stretches out into something new, for the taking.

It seems simple, but how did I accept the new after a difficult period, seeing as I didn’t dare let go of the old? Afraid of the moment of change when I would be left empty-handed.

In 2021 I got sick - brain stem stroke - and in a split second I was left empty-handed for a moment again. Calm. Wobbly, I find myself slowly stepping into a new adventure, my story is now my fuel, not my castle anymore.

My photograhic work is on hold for a while, color pops up in assemblages and collages. I rearrange my world because energy is all that matters after this 'punch'. I have to sift, to let go. To express myself again, I research with joy masters like Aldwyth, Cornell &  Uecker.

My work is signed by En Eg.

My name is En (Nina) Vlaanderen-Eggenkamp

'(Br)Exit', Selected with 'Overprotective' for Amsterdam Zomerexpo 2019

Work in progress